Action Sports ry

Action Sports ry is a non profit organisation from Jämsä, Middle Finland. It was founded in 2000 to enable and develop healthy activities like snowboarding, mountainbiking, motorbiking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, skateboarding, adventure and climbing stuff.

Action Sports ry is official member in Finnish Sports Central Organisation (SLU) and Finnish Snowboarding Assiciation (FSA)

Action Sports ry was founded by three young men from Jämsä; Mika Salminen, Ville Virtanen and Johan Lahnamäki. All of them have experience in many of these sports and event organising.

In the beginning it was mainly enjoying hobbies with own group. Then some of the founders moved abroads and club hasn't been active recentry. But now since the summer of 2019 it's been activating again. New generation is also coming along and possibilities to spread club activities outside of own group are much better too.

On Tuesday June 26th, 2019 club took a big step forward and chose Sami Kemppainen, a long term Action Sports veteran from Hämeenlinna, as their Executive Director. He has more than 25 years of experience in sport clubs, competing, coaching and organising camps and events in Finland and abroads.

In the same time Mika Salminen changed his role to be a chairman of the board.

Mika Salminen: ”I feel that there is a demand of this kind of Action in Jämsä region. Himos hasn't had functioning snowboarding club in years and in the city also young people seem to complain that that Jämsä is a boring place. I feel great that my old friend Sami Kemppainen wanted to join in this project. I hope that we'll get so much partners that we could hire him ful time to develop and lead our operations.”

Sami Kemppainen: ”I'm very happy about these thoughts to raise Action Sports ry functioning again and very honored that they wanted me to lead and coordinate it's development. I have overall well being of people in my heart. Naturally our goal is to help people on top of interesting activities towards better life in all different areas of living too.

Naturally this kind of developing project will take years, mut I'm eager to see how things will start advancing. At first time goes mostly to build foundation, find suitable partners and find and train new staff too. When foundation is ready, then we have much better possibilities for sustainable development, instead of just trying to get too much activities too quick.

More info:, +358 40 7770078