Eilat Desert Challenge


Riding trough Judean and Negev deserts - January 2021

A Dakar Rally -style 3-day motorcycle Adventure for regular riders!
Daily riding time from early morning to sunset (8-11 hours including breaks)

From these pages  you can find more info about the event!

While next Eilat Desert Challenge -event comes in January 2021, there is much more nice riding events and possibilities in Israel before that too.

For example Israel Moto Adventures is organising next same kind of Enduro Desert Rally in March 12-14, 2020. Ask more info!

Two classes:

Enduro for riders with good fitness and off-road riding skills

Adventure for riders with normal fitness and some off-road skills

Enduro class:

With Enduro or Dual Sport bikes you can ride to places that would be pretty difficult for Adventure bikes. You're not getting that much kilometres, but bigger variety of different experiences.

Enduro riders stay mostly off the roads riding open deserts, single track trails and sometimes taking a challenge on more difficult spots that may require help from other riders too.

When you are at desert and not close to repair shops, you may need to fix or change a tire or do some other bike repais together with mechanic who is riding with enduro class.

There will be breaks on the way at suitable places, high elevation changes, amazing views, hidden springs and many other things you can't even imagine.

Israel deserts are not flat out easy sand riding places, but having much more variety and beauty than just our traditional picture of unvaried sand deserts

Are you ready for the ultimate desert challenge!!

Adventure class:

With Adventure bikes you get much more kilometres and see different kind of nature and places still hitting some of the most beautiful sights that enduro riders are visiting too.

Curvy mountain roads, desert straights, some gravel roads and easy trails too.

You get a great overall picture of Southern Israel and see places like Masada Fortress, Dead Sea, Ramon Crater, Eilat Mountains and Flamengo pools.

Maybe you'll have time to hike to David's waterfalls on the way or to stop at Dead Sea spa and enjoy it's very healthy mineral pools or relaxing massage.

Adventure bikes give much more options even to go to see Mediterranean Sea or Jordan river, if you like...

Gain unforgettable experiences and enjoy the ride trough the Holy Land! You'll never know what's behind the next corner, so don't hurry but rather soak everything in!

Are you ready for Adventure and explore this beautiful country!!!

You are about to discover the most amazing time a group can have. In just a few days you will see many amazing views and experience the various cultures of Israel. You will explore different ways of living, many beliefs and various approaches to life. You will be amazed by Bedouins living in tents while in one of the most developed countries. You will see Hi-tech advancement along with 4,000 years of history. You will ride through the real Biblical Land and stand on the ground where all the well-known Biblical stories actually occurred.

Israel is the only Country on earth in which you can vist the world’s Holiest attractions such as Jerusalem, Tabaha, Caper Naum, Nazareth, Masada and much more – it is all here in Israel and you are about to see it through your helmets!

Israel is a Motorcyclist’s paradise. You can ride all year around and the terrains are beautiful and special.

The Eilat Desert Challenge -event is a Dakar Rally -style motorcycle Adventure organised by Israel Moto Adventures:

• 3 Day motorcycle riding event (Riding time planned 8-11 hours / day from morning to sunset, but when everything goes well, we'll be ready earlier)

• Guide with tools and mechanic knowledge will ride with you

• Chase vehicle with your backpack and reserve bike will follow the tour

• Accommodations: 2 night at desert “Khan”

• 3 meals a day (breakfast, sandwiches during the day, meat meal every evening) plus energy snacks and water for riding time too

• Special custom made event riding jersey (You can sell own sponsors to that shirt too. Ask for possibilities if interested)

The Eilat Desert Challenge -event price (Israel Moto Adventures) includes:

• 3 Day motorcycle riding event (Max riding time planned from sunrise to sunset, but when everything goes well, we'll be ready earlier)

• Guide with tools and mechanic knowledge will ride with you

• Chase vehicle with your backpack and reserve bike will follow the tour

• Accommodations: 2 night at desert “Khan”

• 3 meals a day (breakfast, sandwiches during the day, meat meal every evening)

• Special custom made event riding jersey

Cost 690 € / person

Bike rental packet (Israel Moto Adventures) includes:

• Enduro, Dual Sport or A2 class Adventure bike

• Compulsory insurance (personal health coverage)

• Gasoline

• Tire-, service- and minor repair costs

Notice much longer riding distance, transportation, fuel and other costs than average safaries 

You can rent protective riding gear packet from Israel Moto Adventures if needed.



Yamaha WR250R tai Fantic 125 Enduro (4stroke)   700€

Yamaha WR250F   800€

KTM EXC250F   850€


Honda CB500X    700€

Kawasaki Versys 650 or similar   800€

Full 7 day packet (Action Sports ry; A non profit organisation from Finland) includes:

• accommodations, flights from Finland, transportation, event registration, bike rental arrangements, extra program arrangement help (those will add costs)

  • You can join from anywhere in the world by just taking your own flights

Tuesday Dec 31st

• Flight Helsinki - Israel

• Transportation from airport to event starting point

• First night accommodation there

Wednesday Jan 1st – Friday Jan 3rd

• Eilat Desert Challenge -event

• Storage of your soft gear bag during the event

Friday Jan 3rd – Monday Jan 6th

  • weekend holiday in Eilat with accommodation (in Eiat there is numerous possibilities of enjoying your time from laying on beach, swimming in warm Red Sea, ice skating and shopping in Ice Mall to all different adventure company services like diving by coral reefs, hiking in Red Canyon, Offroad -safaries etc

or with extra price...

  • you can rent Adventure motorcycle for rest of the days and ride around Israel and get to know other areas and cultures on top to the desert ride (guides can give you tips where to go or you can even hire one for yourself if you'd like to)
  • or you can make a trip to neighbour country Saudi Arabia to see Official Dakar Rally media day and first special stage
  • or you can ask other options according your interests

Tuesday Jan 7th

• Transportation from accommodation to airport

• Flight Israel - Helsinki

Cost 2200 € / person (incl. basic price rental bike for event)

Price with your own flights 1850 € / person

Organiser keeps the right to change prices if things our of their control changes like money exchange rates, travelling or accommodation costs etc.

Eilat Desert Challenge + travel agency packet:

• you can book your travel agency holiday packet to Israel arnold Eilat Desert Challenge -dates

• can be quite easily combined to Eilat Desert Challenge• combine your family vacation with Eilat Desert Challenge

  • some people can stay in Eilat whole time and some be 3 day and 2 nights away riding...

Eilat Desert Challenge -event, basic bike rental packet, transportation from Tel Aviv or Eilat airports to event place night before incl. 1 extra night accommodation there

Cost: 1550€

+ Holiday packet of your choice

Israel Deserts offer countless great riding areas and views such as Hidden desert Monasteries, amazing single tracks, Arad, Dead Sea, The Snake ride Valley, Hidden Springs, Sadom & Amora, Arava white Canyons, Arava&Jordanian Border, Nekarot Valley, Color Sands, Ramon Crater, Arava fast trails, Mitzpe Ramon, Egyptian Border & Sand Dunes and Eilat Mountains

Among the tour it's possible to add following activities:

• Climbing to Judean Desert

• Amazing views of the Dead Sea

• Ride through the most amazing and lowest Canyons on Earth

• Open terrains and fast ride leaving just a desert dust

• Surprising swim at real oasis

• Sadom & Amora

• Sunrise above Ramon Crater – an unforgetable sight!

• Crossing the spectacular Ramon Crater

• Breath taking views from the cliff of the crater

• Nekarot deep Canyon ride

• Riding on fast desert routes along Jordanian border

• Climbing to the heights above the Arava Valley

• Grand Rivers Reserve – Open fast trails will welcome us into the deep desert

Final route will be determined on the road according group riding speed, circumstances etc!!

Riding in Israel

Riding Culture is pretty new in Israel. Bike prices are very high because of taxes, but more and more bikes are sold every year.

Roads in Israel vary from modern multi line freeways to old gravel and tarmac roads and even in deserts there are plenty of marked 4x4 routes.

Just some years ago dirt bikes were there totally illegal and riders had to smuggle parts to build them bikes to ride with a risk of losing whole bike to government anyway.

But now culture is rising and there is races for motocross and enduro and especially hard enduro has been on the fastest rise.

For example in Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Race at summer 2019 there were more than double amount of riders from Israel than from traditional enduro nation Finland...

Traffic culture in Israel is much more bike friendly than in many western countries. During rush hour it's normal to ride between the lines and saving a lot of time with motorcycles and scooters which is one of the reasons popularity of those is growing.

Parking in Israel is mostly pay parking, but with motorcycles it's much easier to find places and paying is not necessary in most of the places

There is plenty of gas stations in Israel and western credit cards are mostly accepted too, even though there may be some additional charges on using those. Anyway we prefer having cash with you just in case of assuring your gas supply. At some of the desert roads there may be more than 100 km between gas stations, so it's required to take that in consideration when planning routes.

Darkness is coming fast in Israel and riding at night time is not recommended for various reasons.

Israel Moto Adventures is the biggest Motorcycle Rental & Tour company in Middle East offering desert, trail and street riding bikes and routes all around the country. They have customers from dozens of Nations all around the world. It's owner Arik Datel is planning to race Dakar some year himself too, but now he is offering his experience for people around the world to experience similar Dakar -feeling suited for normal riders too.

Eilat is the Pearl of the Red Sea – sometimes referred as Monaco of Israel. It's a tax free city having fancy ocean view hotels with beautiful pool areas, malls, amazing attractions, world famous coral reefs, year around warm sea water, own airport and views to four different countries.

Imagine the feeling after riding three full days and seeing the sea from desert sand dune with Enduro bike or from Eilat Mountains with Adventure bike!

Book your Adventure now!

Ask more for rental bike possibilities too!

Action Sports ry (Finnish/English)

+358 40 7770078


Israel Moto Adventures / DNA Adventures Ltd (Hebrew/English)

+972 58 6250225